About Us
- Organic Soap -
made with pure essential oils

Light Stone  was created 21 years ago after a long and unproductive
search for pure and natural skin care products.  The products that I found  
either contained synthetic, harmful ingredients, or they were very poor in
quality. So I began the on-going process of education, trial and error and
long days of study about the process of soap making. Then came the study
of the tremendous effects of essential oils (better known as aromatherapy)
on the body and the mind.  I think that we have combined our years of
study, research and experimentation to create  truly exceptional products.  
We have always used only the highest quality ingredients and we have
always created our products with great consideration for the body, mind,
spirit and the environment.  So we hope you enjoy using our products as
much as we enjoy creating them for you!

Beth Bourgoin - owner

                                    Ingredients to Avoid

      We feel that's important for people to become aware of the harmful ingredients that are
      found in the products that they use on a daily basis.  We need to educate ourselves and
      learn which ingredients are actually harmful and dangerous for our bodies.  Some of the
      most harmful ingredients are proven carcinogens.  Be sure to check ingredients on
      glycerin, French milled and "hypoallergenic" soaps.  Also check your shampoos, creams,
      lotions and perfumes.  You will find that most contain cheap oils, animal fats and/or
      synthetic petrochemicals.  Some ingredients that you definitely check for and avoid are:
      Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Propylene Glycol, petroleum products, parabens,
      synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives.

      Also check for
fragrance oils, perfume oils and nature identical oils which are
      deceptive names for
synthetic fragrance oils.  Please avoid all of these!  They pollute
      the air, they are considered toxic and they are some of our biggest causes of cancer.
      Some of these chemicals have actually been proven to be neurotoxins (this means that
      they may cause long term damage to the brain).

Please read your ingredients carefully and have a safe and healthy life!